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Realtor Amsterdam South East

Amsterdam South East

Amsterdam-Zuidoost is a district of the municipality of Amsterdam in the Dutch province of North Holland. The South East district was established in 1987.

Zuidoost does not border the rest of the municipality of Amsterdam, but is separated from it by the municipalities of Ouder-Amstel (in particular the village of Duivendrecht) and Diemen. The area was originally part of the agricultural municipality of Weesperkarspel. When it was decided to build a new city here in the 1960s, Weesperkarspel was assisted by the municipality of Amsterdam. The area was then annexed by Amsterdam on August 1, 1966. Prior to the annexation, it was agreed that after 12 years (in 1978) this area would be merged with the municipality of Ouder-Amstel. However, he did not like that and so it remained part of the municipality of Amsterdam. This makes it the only district that does not share borders with the rest of Amsterdam. The oldest district in the district is the Bijlmermeer.

Zuidoost has emerged as a characteristic and versatile living environment within the Amsterdam city limits. This green district has an excellent location between the Green Heart, the IJmeer and the bustling city center and enjoys excellent accessibility.

Amsterdam South East is a lively and diverse neighborhood with a mix of cultural, commercial and residential facilities.

Moving to Amsterdam South-east

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Living in Amsterdam South-east

Southeast Amsterdam is mainly suitable for young families, working professionals and students looking for affordable housing near the city. For expats, the area may be less attractive due to the lack of international communities and amenities, unless they are specifically looking for a more authentic Amsterdam experience.

  • Diversity and multiculturalism: Amsterdam South East has always been a very diverse neighborhood, with a large population of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The area is known for its vibrant multicultural community, with a wealth of cultural events, shops and restaurants.
  • Economic development: In recent decades, Amsterdam Zuidoost has developed into an important business and commercial center, with numerous companies, offices and shopping centers, including the Amsterdam ArenA, the
  • Johan Cruijff ArenA, and the Amsterdamse Poort.

Type of homes in Amsterdam South East

There are mainly apartments and terraced houses. These homes offer a mix of affordable options for different types of households, from singles to families.

How green is Amsterdam South East?

Amsterdam South East has several parks and green spaces where residents and visitors can enjoy nature, relax and recreate. Some of the best-known parks in Amsterdam South East are:

  • Nelson Mandela Park: Formerly known as Bijlmerpark, the Nelson Mandela Park is a centrally located park in Amsterdam South East. The park offers green open spaces, playgrounds, sports facilities, and is a popular spot for picnics and events.
  • Gaasperpark: Gaasperpark is a large park located in the southeastern part of Amsterdam Zuidoost. The park includes a lake, walking paths, cycle paths, sunbathing areas, and a beach. It is an ideal place for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing and sunbathing.
  • De Bijlmerweide Nature Park: This nature park is located between the Bijlmermeer and Diemen-Zuid districts. It is a green oasis with meadows, water features, and hiking trails. The park provides a haven for flora and fauna and is ideal for peaceful walks and birdwatching.
  • Bijlmerweide: Bijlmerweide is a green area in the north of Amsterdam South-East, near the AMC hospital. The park offers lawns, playground equipment, and space for recreation and sports activities.
  • Recreational area Diemerpark: Although Diemerpark is mainly located in the Amsterdam East district, it extends to the border with Amsterdam South East. This extensive park includes forests, meadows, water features, and sports facilities, and is ideal for various outdoor activities.

These parks offer residents of Amsterdam Zuidoost and visitors the opportunity to enjoy green spaces, fresh air and various recreational opportunities in the heart of the city.

Green areas
Amsterdam South-east has a lot of green parks.
Amsterdam South-east hosts different events.
Commercial district
Amsterdam South-east is knows as a commercial district.

Facilities Amsterdam Zuidoost

What facilities does Amsterdam South East have?

Amsterdam South East offers a wide range of facilities and amenities to meet the needs of the local community and visitors. Some of the most important facilities in Amsterdam South East are:

  • Shopping centers: Amsterdam Zuidoost has several shopping centers, including the Amsterdamse Poort, Arena
  • Boulevard (with shops in the Arena and Villa Arena) and the Amsterdamse Poort shopping center. These shopping centers offer a variety of shops, restaurants, supermarkets and other services.
  • Sports facilities: The area has various sports facilities, including sports complexes, fitness centers, swimming pools and sports fields. The Amsterdam ArenA and the Johan Cruijff ArenA also offer opportunities for sporting events and activities.
  • Educational institutions: Amsterdam Zuidoost has several primary and secondary schools, as well as branches of colleges and other educational institutions. Examples of this are the ROC of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam
  • University of Applied Sciences and the University of Amsterdam (faculty of dentistry).
  • Healthcare: The area has several health centers, general practices, dental practices and the Academic Medical Center (AMC), a large hospital and medical research center.
  • Culture and entertainment: Amsterdam South East offers a range of cultural and entertainment facilities, including theatres, cinemas, concert halls, and art galleries. Examples of this are AFAS Live (formerly the
  • Heineken Music Hall), Pathé Arena and the Bijlmer Parktheater.
  • Public transport: The area is well connected by public transport, with train stations (Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA, Amsterdam Holendrecht), metro stations (Bijlmer ArenA, Ganzenhoef, Kraaiennest), bus lines and tram lines providing easy access to the rest of Amsterdam and beyond.
  • Business parks and offices: Amsterdam South East has several business parks and office parks, including the Amstel Business Park and the ArenAPoort area, where many companies and organizations are located.

In short, Amsterdam Zuidoost offers an extensive range of facilities and amenities that contribute to the well-being, quality of life and convenience of the local community and visitors.

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