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Buying a house to let in Amsterdam

Smart investment in residential property

Buying a home as an investment (buy to let) has long been a popular way of obtaining a good return on your assets. Meanwhile politicians have announced measures to make this form of investment less attractive. 

Examples of this include increased transfer tax (stamp duty) 10,4% and the adjustments to the “Woningwaarderingsstelsel” system for establishing the reasonable rental of a residential property, also referred to as the “points system” and the 4-year self-occupancy obligation/purchase protection for homes with a WOZ value below 641,000 euros. However, with the persistently low market interest rates and the increasing demand for living space, it can still be interesting to invest your assets in residential real estate.

Specialists in both the rental and buying market

Where and what must I buy? What are the possibilities for an optimal rental price? What are the limitations and risks? And what returns are to be expected? With our specialist knowledge of both the rental and buying markets we are in a position to give you exactly the advice you seek. We provide insight into market developments and possibilities through analyses, knowledge and above all, long-term experience. 

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