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Work method

Once the service contract is a fact, we get to work.  First of all, our ladies on the office staff will compile a (digital) file. Subsequently, the real estate agent will register your property in the exchange system, where your property is presented to the best of our abilities by means of a catchy text, photos and perhaps completed with a floor plan (or even video) of your property on various websites such as,, and of course

Besides the online presentation, dozens of other means are used to maximize the exposure of your property. We also appeal to our unique network of (international) companies by means of a weekly mailing, with more than 5,500 subscribers!  Furthermore, all of our fellow real estate agents, rental bureaus and relocators will be informed as well.

As soon as the property is on the market, potential tenants can come visit your property. These appointments are announced in advance by our office staff.

If a candidate shows up with a rental proposition, your real estate agent will, on behalf of and together with you, start a possible negotiation about the conditions, in order to come to the right decision. As soon as the main points have been agreed upon, we perform a background check of the tenant in order to exclude potential risks regarding payment behaviour, habits and any harmful intentions as much as possible.

All agreements are summarized in the tenancy agreement, drawn up in Dutch, and in some cases translated into English. As soon as both parties have signed the tenancy agreement, the tenant is expected to pay his first month of rent and a deposit, for which the tenant will receive an invoice from us.

At the start of the tenancy, the conveyance will take place. At this time, an inspection report will be drawn up, listing the condition of the property.  This report includes an extensive photo shoot to get the full picture of the situation at the start of the tenancy. This report and the photos will also be the foundation for the assessment of the situation when the tenant moves out again.

As soon as the conveyance has been completed, the rent and deposit will be transferred to your bank account, minus the commission that is due. All future payments are, in principle, paid directly to the landlord by the tenant, unless there is a manager present.

During the tenancy, JLG remains your real estate agent, which means you can always ask us for any advice or assistance. For example, if you wish to index your rent or in the event of a dispute with your tenant. We would love to help you out.

Once the tenancy agreement is terminated, another inspection will take place, during which the condition of the property is established and compared to the situation at the beginning of the tenancy. If the tenancy agreement included an advance payment for expenses such as gas, water and electricity, we can also calculate the actual costs, so we can charge the difference.