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No Cure No Pay

We do our utmost best to select the most suitable candidate tenant for you. For this service, we charge commission to the client, meaning you, as a landlord/property owner. This commission amounts to 8% (9,65% including 21% VAT) over the rent of maximum 1 year, which roughly corresponds to one month of rent excluding VAT.  This means that if you enter into a tenancy agreement with a tenant for several years, you are only due commission over the first year. The subsequent years are free of charge. This is all on a no cure no pay basis!* For contracts shorter than 12 months, the commission is calculated in proportion per month, with a minimum of 1.210 Euro including 21% VAT.

Since we only charge commission to one party, we are interesting to all companies and individuals, as they don’t have to pay us commission for finding suitable property. This also provides you with the guarantee that we put your interest first, because that’s what you pay us for!

* In the event that the contract is withdrawn, you will only be charged with the costs for advertising at 95 Euros including VAT.