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Renting out a residential property in Amsterdam?

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Renting out a house in Amsterdam

When you are going to offer a house in Amsterdam for rent, there is a lot to consider. How does this work and which rules must be complied with? What are the risks and what is the return? JLG Real Estate has the answer to all your questions, advises you on drafting the contract and ensures that you comply with the rules.

Furnished and Unfurnished
Renting out your house temporary or permanently.
Legal knowhow
The right tenant thanks to an extensive screening.
Certified Rental Office
Largest rental office in Amsterdam with NVM Certification.
Rent out your real estate
Your letted real estate is in good hands.

Renting out via JLG Real Estate

The possibilities for renting out your home are endless. We have a database of completely screened home seekers. Thanks in part to our international network, we quickly found your tenant. You can also contact us for the complete management of your rented property.

Renting out with our rental services

  • Renting out permanently

    You can contact us for the permanent rental of your home. We are looking for a suitable tenant, a suitable rental contract and the key transfer. You can also contact us for the financial and technical management of your rented home. Enjoy the return without worrying about rent increases or maintenance.

  • Renting out temporely

    Looking for a tenant who wants to rent your home temporarily? Temporary rental can be a solution if you do not want to be immediately tied to a permanent rental contract. Are you going abroad for a longer period of time for business or for a trip around the world? Then a temporary rental contract is a perfect solution.

  • Renting out to expats in Amsterdam

    Do you have a furnished or unfurnished house that you want to rent out? Then your home is perfect for renting out to an expat. We rent out almost 90% of our offer to expats and have built lasting relationships with relocators, who help expats find their way in the Netherlands. This allows us to always find the perfect tenant for you.

  • Room rentals Amsterdam

    Do you want to offer one or more rooms to students? Please note that there are rules regarding room rental and permits. Engage a broker so that you are not faced with any surprises. We can tell you everything about rental regulations.

Get in touch with our screened tenants

Through our unique network, we rent out our homes to employees of: Netflix, Tesla,, Tommy Hilfinger, Heineken, Nike, Uber, EMA and Google.

With a database of completely screened home seekers and an extensive international network, we will find your ideal tenant in no time.

Frequently asked questions

Your property is part of a weekly mailing with our offer to more than 5,500 international companies, relocators and interested parties. In addition, our new offer is communicated directly with the best rental agents.

Our rates

Rate Rental Service

With a regular rental assignment, the commission is 8% excluding 21% VAT (9.65% incl. VAT) of the rent. This is exclusive of consumption costs, including any service costs, over the initial rental period with a maximum of 12 months. This equates to approximately 1 month’s rent. The minimum commission is 1250 euros (incl. VAT).

Rate Premium Management

You pay a monthly rate of 5% excluding VAT (6.05% incl. VAT) of the rent, excluding consumption costs, including any service costs, during the entire rental period. With a first rental, a one-time commission also applies as with Rental Service. After that, a one-off rate of 6% excluding VAT (7.26% incl. VAT) applies to the annual rent for each rental change.

Third-party account

In order to safely and separately separate the money flows from the other money traffic, we use a third-party money account, where only transactions for rent and deposit take place.

Our rates

Renting out a home is a lot of work. Our task is to assist you as best we can. In all steps. That is why our working method is always crystal clear. Even when it comes to our rates. This way you immediately know where you stand.

How do I rent out my house?

Before we can get started, we must receive a written order. You can find the information we need on our website. You must identify yourself and you must actually be authorized to enter into a rental agreement. We will first investigate whether we can rent out your home within the current laws and regulations.

Managing your Real Estate

1. Determine your strategy and your rent

We determine the rental price based on your wishes, the market situation and specific characteristics. We then create an optimal marketing mix for you. This includes a detailed description of the property, professional photos and placement on relevant websites, like Funda.

2. Find your perfect tenant

We organize viewings, inform potential tenants and ultimately make a selection of the most suitable candidates. We mainly rent out to expats and highly educated people. The best candidate will be screened for identity, income and references.

3. Arranging the rental services agreement

We arrange a clear rental agreement, fully tailored to your situation and based on your wishes. Signing takes place efficiently via a digital signature via SignRequest. This saves a lot of time and paperwork.

4. Guidance during the transfer

We guide you every step of the way. When the keys are handed over, we will take care of an extensive digital inspection report. This includes matters such as the condition of the house, meter readings and inventory. This provides peace of mind and clarity.

5. Managing your property

With JLG Premium Management, you don’t have to worry about your home and your tenant. We will take care of the collection of the monthly rent, monitor correct use of the house and offer technical support.

*Get in touch with JLG Real Estate

Fill in your details below and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the possibilities.

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