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Expat letting Amsterdam

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Renting out a property in Amsterdam to expats?

Are you looking to rent out your furnished or unfurnished home in Amsterdam, either temporarily or for an extended period? Your property is ideal for renting to expats. JLG Real Estate is an experienced expert in expat rentals. With over 20 years of experience in the Amsterdam real estate market, we are one of the largest rental agents in the region, renting out nearly 90% of our properties to expats. We maintain a database of screened candidates and have built sustainable relationships with relocators who assist expats in navigating their way through the Netherlands. Additionally, we have a huge network of companies where expats are employed. This enables us to always find the perfect tenant for you!

No long-term rental contracts
Expats often rent temporarily and do not stay in the Netherlands indefinitely.
Furnished letting
Because expats stay here temporarily, they often look for a furnished home.
80% of our tenants are expats
Our network consists of more than 5,500 international companies and relocators.

Temporarily rent out your house in Amsterdam

Expats are often sent to the Netherlands by their employers when their expertise is needed. Mostly expats do not settle permanently in the Netherlands but stay here for a certain period, they often look for a furnished rental property, preferably fully equipped. Think of a convenient location and equipped with modern appliances. If you only want to rent out your property temporarily or do not want to enter into a lease for an indefinite period immediately, an expat is the ideal candidate for your property.

Renting out your house to expats

Renting out your property to expats in Amsterdam offers unique opportunities for you as a homeowner. Amsterdam attracts a diverse international audience, seeking comfortable and strategically located homes for themselves or their families. preferably near their work location.

Whether you own an apartment, studio, or a complete house, optimizing the property for expat rental can be beneficial for your returns. To optimize properties, it’s essential to consider aspects that expats value, such as flexible lease terms, furnished options, and access to local amenities and public transportation. By aligning your property with the needs and expectations of expats as much as possible, you can rent it out to responsible tenants at a market-compliant price.

Optimizing your property for rental to expats

Furniture and furnishings

Ensure your property is fully furnished, including modern and comfortable furniture. Expats often only bring their personal belongings and appreciate a “turn-key” home.

Stable internet connection

Expats frequently work from home or have regular contact with their home country. A fast and reliable internet connection is essential.

Flexible lease terms

Offer flexible lease terms that align with the temporary contracts of expats. Short to medium-term rental periods are attractive for both expats and yourself.

Maintenance and management

Have a clear plan for maintenance and management of the property. Consider JLG property management to provide quick solutions to issues.

Language and culture

Expats are new and come from a different country with a different culture. Help them get started with an (English) guide providing information about the property, details about the neighborhood, local customs, and useful contacts.

Extra services

Consider offering additional services such as cleaning or grocery delivery. This saves the expat from having to figure it out themselves.

Get in touch with our screened tenants

With a database of fully screened home seekers and an extensive international network, we will find your ideal tenant in no time.

JLG Real Estate, the specialist in rental to expats

We find the perfect expat for your home thanks to our database of fully screened candidates and our international network of relocaters and companies where expats work.

Benefits of renting to expats

  • Reliable tenants

    Expats are considered reliable tenants because they often work for reputable companies or international organizations. Typically, expats have a stable income and can pay their rent on time.

  • Highly educated professionals

    Many expats are highly educated professionals who move to Amsterdam for work. They are known to be tidy tenants who take good care of your property.

  • Temporary lease agreements

    Expats are often in Amsterdam for a certain period and therefore seek flexible solutions, making a fixed lease often unnecessary.

  • Potential for higher rental prices

    Due to the temporary nature of their stay, expats often require furnished, well-equipped homes. Because of their earnings, they are willing to pay an above-average rental price for this.

Our rates

Renting out a house is quite a challenge. Our job is to assist you as best we can. In all steps. That is why our working method is always crystal clear. Also when it comes to our rates. This way you are at.

What do we expect from you?

Before we can start working for you, we must receive a written order. This is easy to complete on our website. You must identify yourself and you must actually be authorized to enter into a rental agreement. We will first investigate whether we can rent out your home within the current laws and regulations.

Carefree rental thanks to excellent guidance

1. The right price and rental strategy

Use our knowledge, expertise and experience for the rental of your home. Together we draw up a strategy to rent out the property on your terms and as quickly as possible. You can count on our guidance throughout the entire process and we are ready to answer questions and discuss doubts.

2. Finding the ideal tenant

We organize viewings, inform potential tenants and ultimately make a selection of the most suitable candidates. We mainly rent to expats and highly educated people. The best candidate is screened for identity, income and references.

3. Draw up the rental agreement

We draw up a clear rental agreement, fully tailored to your situation and based on your wishes. Signing takes place efficiently via a digital signature via SignRequest. This saves everyone time and paperwork.

4. Support during the transfer

We guide you in every step. At the time of key transfer, we prepare an extensive digital photo inspection report. This lists matters such as the condition of the home, meter readings and inventory. This gives peace and clarity.

5. Management of the rental

When you choose JLG Premium Management, you as a landlord do not have to worry about your home or your tenant. We take care of the collection of rental payments, ensure correct use of the property and provide technical support. We also carry out an interim inspection every 6 months.

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