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How does JLG Real Estate sell your property? 

Below, you can read an overview of the possibilities for the ultimate “staging” of your property:

Professional photos and compelling ads
Photos are made by a professional photographer. He or she makes sure the property shows its best side to potential buyers. A suitable real estate ad that includes the assets or selling points of your property in the best possible way is written in mutual agreement with you. The ad is available in Dutch and English.

Brochures and floor plans
An eye-catching, digital brochure lists all information, features, (3D) floor plans and photos of the property. The brochure can be downloaded for free via or

Your property’s unique website
We offer the possibility to create a unique and exclusive website for your property, with your own URL.  This website will of course include a high-quality presentation of your property as well as make the following available for download: property brochure and any relevant documents such as the so-called measuring report, deed of division, assessment report under Dutch WOZ and more.

Promo cards
JLG prints 100 ‘business cards’ of the property, stating the URL of the website and the information of the real estate agent. You will also receive cards to hand out in your network. It’s a perfect and easy way to attract extra attention to your property.

What about maximum online exposure for your property as well? We will of course list your property on the Netherlands’ most popular residential property site, On our (easy-to-find) website, one of our options is to play a video of your property and make a digital brochure available for download.  Your property will also be listed on other popular residential property websites and  There are options to advertise internationally on the website as well.

Mobile is not just SEO-friendly, our site is 100% responsive as well. This means that your property is visible in any format, including on smartphones and tablets.

Every week, your property receives a boost and is shown to more than 5500 national and international prospective buyers who have registered for our newsletters via our extensive network.

Social media
Your home will be actively promoted through our social channels Facebook and Instagram (follow us!)

We film a HD video of your property. This 3-minute video provides the viewer with a playful ‘look and feel’ of the property. The video is posted on YouTube and (if desired, we will post on as well).

For Sale sign
A ‘For Sale’ sign should be characteristic and clear. Everyone should know that your property is up for sale! Our attractive sign will attract anyone’s attention.

Open house
The Dutch NVM and Amsterdam MVA regularly organise so-called Open House days. Participation is voluntary. We take care of the brochures, promo cards, sign-up sheets and promotion on the website (other advertisements optional). You take care of the viewing.

Network NVM realtors
NVM real estate agents register their listings in their nation-wide digital network and by so doing inform all potential buyers registered with an NVM realtor of new available property. Potential buyers receive an e-mail with properties that are in accordance with their wishes. Over 80% of the potential buyers come from within the region. In other words, you can reach the largest part of your target group.

The NVM Intranet provides you with online access to your property. Here, you can view scheduled viewings, feedback on the viewings and other statistics. Additionally, you can also approve your real estate ads here and complete the property list and NVM survey.