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Realtor Buitenveldert and Zuidas

Buitenveldert Amsterdam

Buitenveldert was built as a southern Garden City within Amsterdam. The first homes were put into use in 1958. In 1987, Buitenveldert became a separate district. The other district of Zuider Amstel has been the Rivierenbuurt since 1998.

Where does the name Buitenveldert come from?

Buitenveldert takes its name from the Binnendijkse Buitenveldertse Polder, between the Amstel river on the east side and the Amstelveenseweg on the west side. On the north side, Buitenveldert is bordered by the A10 and the Zuid axis. On the south side, Buitenveldert is bordered by Kalfjeslaan in Amstelveen.


The Zuidas, also known as the Amsterdam Zuidas, is an important business district and an area of urban development in Amsterdam South. Here are some important aspects of the Zuidas:

  • Business District: The Zuidas is a major business center of Amsterdam and is home to numerous national and international companies, financial institutions, law firms and other organizations. It is one of the most prestigious business locations in the Netherlands.
  • Office space: The Zuidas offers a large amount of office space, ranging from modern high-rise buildings to renovated historic buildings. Many major companies and multinationals have established their headquarters here due to its excellent facilities and strategic location.
  • Public transport: The Zuidas is easily accessible by public transport, with the Amsterdam Zuid train station as an important junction. Trains, metros, trams and buses converge here, making it easy to travel to other parts of Amsterdam and beyond.
  • Living: In addition to offices, the Zuidas also offers space for homes. Several residential complexes and apartments have been built, making it possible to live in the immediate vicinity of the business district.
  • Facilities: The Zuidas offers a range of amenities, including restaurants, cafes, shops, gyms and green spaces. The area also has several cultural institutions, such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, which are located nearby.
  • Sustainability: The Zuidas strives for sustainability and green initiatives, including green buildings, energy-efficient facilities and green public spaces.

In short, the Zuidas is a dynamic and modern business district that plays an important role in the economy and urban life of Amsterdam. With its mix of businesses, facilities and homes, it offers an attractive environment for both working and living.

Thinking about moving to the Zuidas?

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Living in Buitenveldert

Park in Buitenveldert Amsterdam

Facilities and amenities Buitenveldert

Buitenveldert consists of a mixture of low, medium and high-rise buildings and was fully built up in the mid-seventies. In Buitenveldert, streets are named after Dutch provinces, nuitenplaats and names of castles. The Amstelpark is located on the east side of the Amstel, where the Floriade was held in 1972.

The Gijsbrecht van Aemstel Park, named after Gijsbrecht van Aemstel, is located through Buitenveldert in a long strip from East to West. On the west side of Buitenveldert is the Amsterdamse Bos with the beautiful Bosbaan. A narrow strip of the Amsterdamse Bos, next to De Nieuwe Meer, also belongs to Buitenveldert. The district is home to the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the hospital that belongs to the university. There is a secondary school and several primary schools, including the Buitenveldertse Montessori School.

The Buitenveldert district also has a considerably large Jewish community, with synagogues, shops, schools, eateries and other facilities. The largest and most important shopping center in Buitenveldert is Gelderlandplein. You will also find luxury rental/purchase apartments and penthouses on the Zuidas. The Riekermolen with a statue of Rembrandt van Rijn is located on the Amstel at Kalfjeslaan.

Transport and location Buitenveldert

Buitenveldert has various transport options to get around, both within the district and to other parts of Amsterdam and beyond. Some important transportation options include:

  • Public transport: Buitenveldert is served by several tram and bus lines that travel to different parts of Amsterdam and surrounding areas. Tram line 5 and various bus lines, such as lines 62 and 65, are important connections for the district.
  • Metro: Metro line 51 (Amstelveen Westwijk – Amsterdam Central Station) runs through Buitenveldert and offers direct connections to the center of Amsterdam and other parts of the city.
  • Car: Buitenveldert is easily accessible by car. It is located close to the A10 ring road, which is Amsterdam’s main highway. This makes it easy to travel by car to other parts of the city or to surrounding towns. There are various parking options in the neighborhood, both on the street and in parking garages.
  • Bicycle: Buitenveldert is a bicycle-friendly neighborhood with well-developed bicycle paths and bicycle facilities. Many residents use the bicycle as their main means of transportation to move within the neighborhood and to other parts of Amsterdam.
  • Pedestrians: Buitenveldert also has several walking paths and pedestrian zones, making it easy to navigate the neighborhood on foot and enjoy its amenities.

In general, Buitenveldert offers good accessibility and various transport options, allowing residents and visitors to easily travel and move within and outside the district.

Buitenveldert knows many green initiatives.
The Zuidas is a modern and dynamic district
Financial heart
The Zuidas is the financial heart of Amsterdam.

Living at Zuidas Amsterdam

Buitenveldert in Amsterdam met uitzicht over het kanaal.

Who lives on the Zuidas in Amsterdam?

  • Families: Buitenveldert attracts many families because of its spacious living environment, good facilities and the proximity of schools and daycare centers. The district offers a safe and child-friendly environment with parks, playgrounds and sports facilities.
  • Students: Due to the proximity of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and other educational institutions, many students also live in Buitenveldert. Students often find affordable rental housing here and a convenient location in relation to their educational institutions.
  • Working professionals: Due to its central location and good public transport connections, many working professionals also live in Buitenveldert. The district offers a quiet residential environment with easy access to the city center and business districts such as the Zuidas.
  • Elderly: Buitenveldert also has a significant population of elderly residents. For many elderly people, the neighborhood offers a quiet and comfortable living environment with facilities such as senior housing, care facilities and social activities.
  • Expats and international community: Due to the international allure of Amsterdam and its proximity to the Zuidas, parts of Buitenveldert also attract expats and international employees. This group of residents contributes to the diversity of the community.

In short, Buitenveldert has a varied population, with people from different backgrounds, age groups and professions living together in a community with a mix of homes, facilities and activities.

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