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A city ward of Amsterdam

Buitenveldert is a city ward of Amsterdam, build in the Zuideramstel (South Amstel) region. The flag, red and black brindled with a saltire on its left side, was designed by one of its inhabitants, F. Muller.

The legally binding land-use plan of 1935 was including the expansion to the West and the South. In 1958 the first flats were obtainable. With the establishment of the living quarters Buitenveldert became a self-contained district in 1987 and after the fusion with the Rivierenbuurt in 1998 a part of ZuiderAmstel.

The name originates from the Binnendijksche Buitenveldertse Polder situated between the Amstel in the East and Amstelpark (in 1972 detaining the Floriade, an exhibition of flowers and gardening facilities) and Amstelveenseweg in the West.

In the North Buitenveldert is bordered by the A10 and the Zuidas, the business area of Amsterdam capturing commercial premises, for example of the ING Bank and the ABN-Amro Bank. In the South it is abutting on the municipality Amstelveen at the Kalfjeslaan.

Buitenveldert consists of a mix of simple, medium sized and high large houses mainly built in the 70s. There are a lot of new accommodations getting relocated, for example by Hillen en Roosen with the housing project called Gelderhof, situated near the most well-known shopping mall Gelderlandplein. One part of Buitenveldert lies under the entry lane of a runway of Schiphol Airport and is therefore getting shield from annoyance due to noise.

Since 1990 the tram 5 and express train 51 are operating between Station Zuid (South Station) and Amstelveen and since 2003 the medical institute is accessible via tram 16 and 24 as well.


In the area you will find the free University of Amsterdam and the corresponding University hospital. Buitenveldert is also known for its comely Jewish community with private synagogues, schools, stores, restaurants and a good deal more. At the Amstel next to the Kalfjeslaan stands the Riekermolen (Rieker-windmill) with a statue of Rembrandt.

Business Center

The municipality of Amsterdam has decided to make it easier for expats to work and live in the region of Amsterdam. These expats are of great value to the business industry and therefore it is important that these people feel welcome.

Amsterdam Topstad has initiated to take away many of the obstacles expats have to deal with. The expat can now turn to one office window to arrange the registration and needed documents.

For many of the expats working in Amsterdam, the procedures to get to work in the Netherlands seem like a source of annoyance. This does damage to the attraction of Amsterdam. Especially because finding and keeping good employees is of great importance to companies, the hospitality for these employees and their families must become better. Therefore Amsterdam Topstad has initiated to take away the many obstacles for these expats.

By adjusting the municipal procedures to the procedures of the IND it will become possible to take care of everything at ones on a specific location at the South Axe. Besides there is a digital office where expats, before arriving in the Netherlands, can already apply for their procedures. Also the Expat Centre offers extra facilities to make it easier for expats to find their way in Amsterdam.

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