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Bos en Lommer

Bos en Lommer, affectionately known as Bolo, is an emerging neighborhood in Amsterdam West. You can live, shop and eat wonderfully in this diverse neighborhood. You will also find a lot of culture there.

Bos and Lommer Amsterdam

Until the moment that districts were established in Amsterdam, the name Bos en Lommer was linked to a district in Amsterdam West. Bos en Lommer owes its name to a farmhouse that was demolished in 1940. Bos en Lommerplein is now located at this location.

Bos en Lommer is considered the predecessor of the Western Garden Cities. In the 1920s and 30s, houses were built in traditional closed building blocks near the Admiraal de Ruijterweg, which dates from the early 20th century.

At the end of the 1930s, strip construction was experimented with in the Landlust district. This was the first expression of the open building method. Construction continued in the 1940s. The western part was created after the Second World War, this part is now called the Kolenkit neighborhood. This district was fully built up in the late 1950s.

In Bos en Lommer the streets are named after the family of Willem the Silent, naval heroes, sea battles and historical books and plays. The district mainly consists of medium-high buildings (maximum four floors), with low-rise buildings here and there. High-rise buildings can only be found around Bos en Lommerplein.

The neighborhood

The district is bordered on the south by Jan van Galenstraat and on the north by Haarlemmerweg. The boundary on the east side is formed by the site of the Central Market Halls, the western boundary is the Ring Railway. The Einsteinweg, part of the A10 ring road, cuts through the district. Bos en Lommer has one park, the Erasmus Park, built in the 1960s and finally furnished in the 1990s after a major renovation.

Notable buildings in Bos en Lommer are the Peniel Church, also known as the Theelichtje, the Resurrection Church, better known as the Kolenkit and the GAK building, also known as the Aquarium.

Who lives in Bos & Lommer?

The type of people who live in Bos & Lommer are diverse; students, expats, couples, families, elderly, etc. The homes are mainly apartments in traditional closed blocks from the 1930s. Bos & Lommer is perceived as a diverse and safe neighborhood.

icon-check Multicultural Neigborhood

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Realtor Bos en Lommer

JLG Real Estate has years of experience in selling homes in Bos en Lommer. We would be happy to visit you for a no-obligation consultation in which we can explain our service and advise you on the sales price.

Buying a house in Bos en Lommer

  1. Affordability: Compared to some other neighborhoods in Amsterdam, rental and purchase prices in Bos en Lommer can be relatively affordable. This often attracts people who are looking for a home in Amsterdam but have a limited budget.
  2. Facilities: Bos en Lommer offers various facilities, such as supermarkets, shops, restaurants, and recreational areas, making it an attractive location for residents. It also has good public transport connections, making it easy to travel to other parts of the city.
  3. Diversity: The neighborhood is known for its diversity of residents, with people from different cultures and backgrounds living there. This can create a lively and multicultural atmosphere.
  4. Redevelopment: Like many other parts of Amsterdam, Bos en Lommer has undergone a process of redevelopment in recent years, with old buildings being renovated and new homes and facilities constructed. This has increased the attractiveness of the neighborhood.
  5. Central location: Although Bos en Lommer is not in the heart of the city center, it still has a central location and is easily accessible from other parts of Amsterdam. This makes it a convenient location for people who work or study in the city.

In short, there are several reasons why people may choose to live in Bos en Lommer, including affordability, amenities, diversity and the central location within Amsterdam.

Facilities Bos en Lommer

Bos en Lommer park tijdens een zonnige dag met diverse grote, groene bomen.

From special specialty stores to cool clothing boutiques; In Bos en Lommer you have plenty of choice when it comes to shopping. The Bos en Lommerplein shopping area has a diverse range of shops. From tasty fresh snacks to the latest fashion and the gym conveniently close by. But of course you can also do your daily shopping at supermarkets Albert Heijn and Vomar. Easily accessible by bike, public transport or car. Parking is available in the covered parking garage with almost 600 parking spaces.
Bos en Lommer has a wide range of childcare and various schools for all ages.

Sights of Bos en Lommer

There is always something to see, do and buy in Bos en Lommer. With plenty of restaurants, cafes, pubs and one of the most beautiful parks in the city, you will never be bored for a moment.

Erasmus Park

The Erasmus Park is a city park in Amsterdam West. It is also the name of the district in which it is located.

The park is described as a landscape area, which it has always been. In the 19th century there was an agricultural area here, which fell under the municipality of Sloten until 1921 when it was divided into municipalities. In 2000, the park received a major makeover, making it a versatile park with plenty to do for young and old.

Accessibility Bos en Lommer

Tram lines 7, 12 and 14 run through Bos en Lommer. There is one metro station: at Bos en Lommerweg/De Vlugtlaan. Via this station you can reach Sloterdijk or Central station in no time.

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