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Real estate Bos en Lommer

A brief history

The Bos en Lommer is situated in the Western part of Amsterdam and became an independent district in 1990. The surface covers 2,71 km² and in 2003 Bos en Lommer inhabited around 31.000 people.

The name Bos en Lommer was borrowed from a petty bourgeois residence demolished in the year 1940 with this name along the Sloterdijkermeerweg, which connected the Sloterdijk with the Sloterdijkermeerpolder (nowadays the Sloterplas). Today the Bos en Lommerplein can be found over there.

Bos en Lommer can be looked at as an earlier example of the Westelijke Tuinsteden. In the twenties and thirties houses were built in traditional closed building blocks. These blocks were built close to the Admiraal de Ruijterweg that was built in the beginning of the twentieth century. At the end of the thirties Amsterdam experimented with Strokenbouw meaning building in strokes. This was the first expression of the typical Dutch open building style. In 1940 they proceeded building in this style. The Western part was accomplished after World War II. This area is called the Kolenkitbuurt Nowadays. This area was completed in the late fifties.

In Bos en Lommer streets are named after Family Willem de Zwijger, Heroes of the Sea, Sea Battles, Historic Books and Theatre Plays. The area mainly consists of 4 story buildings and some lower building blocks. Only around the Bos en Lommer square higher buildings are to be found. It is scheduled for urban renewal to increase high-income inhabitants.

Famous buildings in the Bos en Lommer are the Pniëlkerk, known as: Theelichtje (tea light), the Opstandingskerk, alias the Kolenkit and the GAK-building better known as the Aquarium.


The area is bordered by the Haarlemmerweg in the North and the Jan van Galenstraat in the South. In the East Bos en Lommer is bounded by the area of the Centrale Markthallen (Central Markethalls) and in the West by the Ringspoorbaan. The Einsteinweg, a part of the ring highway A10, divides the Bos en Lommer quarter. In the Bos en Lommer area you can find the Erasmuspark, invested in 1960 and reconstructed in the year 1990.

The Bos en Lommer quarter is easy to reach, no matter if you arrive via car (A10 West), bicycle or public transport. You can take the tram line 7, 12 and 14 as well as the metro, arriving at the metro station Bos en Lommerweg/De Vlugtlaan.

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