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Real estate Old West

A cozy area

Amsterdam Old West is a district of the municipality Amsterdam and counted about 33,000 inhabitants in 2006, with a surface of 1,7 km². In a broader sense one indicates all the pre-war areas with the Oud West, including De Baarsjes and parts of the Bos en Lommer.

Amsterdam Oud West is a sociable district, bordering the Vondelpark at the East side, where you can find a lot of nice restaurants and furniture stores, easy to reach by back roads of the busy Overtoom. Also the beautiful Helmersbuurt, the jovial streets of the Bellamybuurt at the long Kinkerstraat with its thousands of shops account for the miscellaneous district.

Visit 'De Hallen'

The tram depot at the Tollenstraat, right in the middle of the Kinkerbuurt, was in former days used as a remise for maintenance and reparation of the trams. Since 1932 the halls were entirely used as a studio.The splendid building belongs to the zaagtandtype (teeth of a saw), because of its characteristic front with the gibbous halls. The roof of the building mimics the teeth of a wood saw. The halls, however, are not really accessibly, but well visible from the Bellamyplein.

By now there are plans to accommodate new businesses in the former remise, among a cinema, a theatre, a podium, a catering industry and a day-nursery.

Also the public library will get a spot in the building. On the opposite of the complex the new town house will be constructed. Moreover approximately 300 houses will arise and an underground car park with 650 spaces will be built. The result of all this will be a new piece of Amsterdam Old West, a lively and attracting meeting point right in the heart of the district.

For those of you, who take a closer look at the Oud West district, will recognise that there are a lot of things which are worth to get visited. For example you can still recognize the almost medieval access of the district. Moreover beautiful public space art stands invite every one to come along!

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