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Diemen Netherlands

Diem and Overdiemen

Diemen is divided into two parts by water, namely by the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal and the Diem. The Diem is the reason for the name of the town Diemen. In Diemen, there are four districts: Diemen-Noord, Diemen-Centrum, Diemen-Zuid, and the rural area. The inhabited part of Diemen is located almost entirely south of the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal and west of the Diem. Overdiemen is located east of the Diem, on both sides of the canal.

A brief history of Diemen

As mentioned earlier, Diemen derives its name from its location. Originally, this was a small river connected to the former Bijlmermeer (lake) and the still-existing river called the Gaasp.

Research has shown that life first existed in Diemen around 1033, meaning that Diemen is one of the oldest settlements in the region and is older than Amsterdam! These pioneers, originally from Utrecht, lived on a high mound in Oud-Diemen, at the location where the entrance to the current residential area Diemen-Noord is now located. Unfortunately, little remains visible today. However, the foundations of the stone church in the Gedenk te Sterven cemetery, dating back to the 15th century, are still visible.

In the 17th century, Diemen was almost entirely dependent on agriculture. Oud-Diemen was the core of the town. In this century, this village was immortalized on canvas several times by Rembrandt. With the construction of the Muider and Weespertrekvaart canals, the center of the municipality shifted to Diemerbrug, the area around the current Hartveldseweg.

Around this Hartveldseweg, churches, shops, businesses, schools, and houses were built in the 18th and 19th centuries. Some objects from this period have survived the ravages of time and offer a magnificent view into the past.

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Nature in Diemen

Diemen owns several nature reserves. They form the transition from rural to urban areas. Worth mentioning are the Diemerbos, the Penbos, Park Spoorzicht and the Diemer Vijfhoek. The Diemerbos is a young forest that was created in phases in the period 1992-1996. Part of this is the Telegraafbos, donated by the newspaper of the same name. Park Spoorzicht is a nature park in the center of Diemen. The Diemer Vijfhoek is a protected nature reserve and is where Fort Diemerdam is located, which is part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam.

In addition to a rich historical heritage, Diemen also has a wide range of nature, which forms the transition from rural to urban areas. The most striking areas are the Diemerbos, the Penbos, Park Spoorzicht and the Diemer Vijfhoek.

Diemerbos is the youngest of the bunch and is a forest that was built up in phases, the last tree was planted about 12 years ago.

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Characteristics of Diemen

In Diemen, there is plenty to do, and you will never be bored. For theater enthusiasts, there is Theater de Omval, for example. Children also have plenty to keep them entertained, with a petting zoo and the opportunity to burn off energy at Monkey Town.

Who lives in Diemen?

Diemen is a tidy neighborhood with lots of greenery where everyone will feel at home. The neighborhood is suitable for a wide range of people, including students, couples, expats, families, and seniors.


Since 2023, a new residential area called Park Valley has been under construction. Park Valley is part of Holland Park. This former industrial area is transforming into a striking residential area with unique architecture. Holland Park East and the student campus have been fully developed. The construction of Park Valley is in full swing. In total, there will be 5200 homes in Holland Park, centrally located near Amsterdam.


Diemen has a large indoor shopping center with many shops, including plenty of restaurants, clothing stores, and supermarkets. The education system in Diemen has a lot to offer, with a total of 7 primary schools and approximately 40 daycare centers.

Shopping in Diemen

Other shopping centers can be found in Arent Krijtsstraat, Kruidenhof, and the residential area Diemen-Noord, but these are smaller with around fifteen shops each. The weekly outdoor market on Wednesdays offers fruits, vegetables, cheese, clothing, and many other items. The market is held in the square in front of Diemerplein shopping center.

Roads and accessibility

You can reach the highway within 5 minutes, and tram line 9 goes directly to Amsterdam Central station. Diemen has 2 train stations, namely Diemen-Zuid and Diemen, with good connections to Amsterdam Zuid, Central Station, and Schiphol Airport.

Parking for residents and businesses

As a resident, you can park with an exemption or permit. If you want to park in the paid area, you will need to pay for parking, like visitors.

Residents or businesses can apply for an exemption or permit. If you move or sell your car before the expiration date, you will not receive a refund. Residents of Holland Park/Campus cannot apply for an exemption.

Buying a Home in Diemen

Diemen is strategically located close to Amsterdam, making it an attractive location for people working in the capital. With good public transportation connections, such as train, bus, and tram, Diemen is ideal for commuters who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city.

Although Diemen is near Amsterdam, real estate prices are generally lower than in the capital. This makes it appealing for many people to live in Diemen, especially for first-time buyers or families looking for more space for their money.

Diemen offers a wide range of property types, from apartments and single-family homes to larger detached houses. This provides something for everyone, regardless of the buyer’s preferences and budget.

Diemen has good infrastructure with various amenities, such as shops, schools, sports facilities, and parks. This makes it an attractive place to live for families and people of all ages.

Despite its proximity to Amsterdam, Diemen still maintains a relatively quiet and green environment. This makes it an attractive option for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city but still enjoy the benefits of urban amenities.

Overall, Diemen offers an attractive mix of favorable location, affordability, housing diversity, and amenities, making it a popular choice for people looking for a home in the Amsterdam area.

Renting a Home in Diemen

Diemen offers an attractive mix of proximity to Amsterdam, affordability, housing diversity, and good amenities, making it a popular choice for people looking to rent a home in the Amsterdam area.

Renting out a Home in Diemen

Diemen is strategically located close to Amsterdam, a city with a high demand for rental properties. This results in a constant demand for rental properties in Diemen, which is beneficial for property owners looking to rent out their properties. Diemen attracts a diverse audience, including students, young professionals, families, and expats. This gives property owners the opportunity to rent out their homes to different target groups and expand their potential tenant base. As a result of Diemen’s increasing popularity as a residential area, property values ​​can increase over the years. This can result in a valuable investment for property owners who choose to rent out their homes in Diemen.

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