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Real Estate Amstelveen

Quiet and spacious

The municipality of Amstelveen can be classified as one of the middle-sized suburbs of Amsterdam, which offers all of the appeal of its neighbouring city – without the hustle and bustle. Amstelveen is situated in the province North-Holland just South of Amsterdam. It’s area is 44.08 square kilometres, of which water covers 2.30 square kilometres. In 2005 the suburb enfolded 79,019 inhabitants, whereof almost 10% have an international background. The so called expatriates or expats. The largest Japanese community (in the Netherlands) resides in Amstelveen and also many inhabitants from the USA, Canada, Great-Britain, South-Korea and other European and East Asian countries have settled in this city.

A brief history

The municipality of Amstelveen has a good and intricate public transport system. Virtually all the accommodations in the city can be reached by bus (situated in the West of the centre) and tram (situated in the East of the centre). Amsterdam and Schiphol are easily accessible by public transport and only a stone’s throw away. In summer you can also take a trip from Amsterdam to Amstelveen with a historic tram (Electrische Museumtramlijn).

The total living accommodation consists of 36,000 houses and 4,415 properties in various buildings, including single-family dwellings, apartments, villas, student apartments, nursing homes and houses for family-replacement. The houses in Amstelveen are of a rather recent construction: 70% of the houses have been built since 1960.

Museums and parks

Amstelveen offers a comprehensive variety of sports to participate in. The possibilities
range from football, baseball, golf, tennis, rugby and cricket to bridge and country-line dance to volleyball. Also worth mentioning are the facilities provided by the Meerkamp swimming pool. Swimming lanes, aqua aerobics, infant swimming lessons and recreational swimming are some of the options the swimming pool on the Van der Hooplaan provides.

Furthermore there are bicycle training places, and you can play golf in the neighbouring municipalities in Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer.

Restaurants and shopping

Amstelveen has a large main shopping mall in the centre of the city and you will find a total of 180 shops that cater to all tastes, with many (paid) parking facilities. Every first Sunday of the month the shops in the Stadshart (town heart, town square) are open.

Restaurants in the area comply with all tastes! You like Argentinean, Indian, French or Italian food?

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